For direct and indirect restorations. For extended fissure sealing in molars and premolars. For cores. For root surface caries restorations. Find out more!

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For lining under polymer-based restorative materials, amalgams and porcelain restorations.

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Bonding Adhesives

Bonding Adhesives:

For bonding on dentine, enamel, amalgam, ceramic surfaces, for use on treated metals. Use with composites or compomers.

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For sealing small pits and fissures.

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Glass Ionomer Cements

Glass Ionomer Cements:

For restorations, pits and fissures fillings, “sandwitch” restorations, core build-ups, base linings. Cementation of crowns, inlays, onlays, brackets and bands. Find out more!

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Other Cements

Other Cements:

For linings under restorations, amalgams, glass ionomers. For temporary fillings, cementation. For bases, temporary fixing. Find out more!

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Root Canal Filling Materials

Root Canal Filling Materials:

For root canal filling, pulp sealing, permanent root canal sealing. For cleaning, lubricating, irrigating, disinfection, devitalising. Find out more!

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Temporary Materials

Temporary Materials:

For temporary fillings, sealing of cavities. For temporary fixing of post crowns. For pulp devitalisation. Find out more!

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For etching teeth and preparing surfaces.

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Retraction Materials

Retraction Materials:

Knitted and Braided retraction cords. For gingival displacement and hemostasis. For “two cord” technique. Hemostatic solution for gingival retraction. Find out more!

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Prophy Materials

Prophy Materials:

To clean debris, plaque, calculus, stains, and other accretions from the teeth. For the teeth surface preparation. For recontouring, finishing and polishing the surface.

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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening:

For home bleaching of vital, non-vital or discoloured teeth. Vinyl sheets for fabrication of bleaching or bruxing trays. Light Curing Block Out Resin. Find out more!

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Handpiece Oil Spray Universal. Mixing Pads, Micro Applicators, Cotton Rolls, Needles For Root Canal Irrigation. Find out more!

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